Accurate audits of the existing processes and conditions in the plant.KBD Technic can design efficient and effective Industrial Ventilation systems using the latest computer technology. This will include:

  • Review of process and ventilation requirements to meet all regulations and plant requirements.
  • Accurate determination of air volumes and hood requirements to control the pollutants and/or heat.
  • Calculation of duct sizes, system static pressure and horsepower using ACGIH methods as recommended in the Industrial Ventilation Manual.
  • Review of installation and maintenance issues for optimum routing of ductwork and access to control equipment.
  • Consideration for the constructability of the system.
  • Specification of the best available technology to control pollutants and offer least cost for initial installation plus energy consumption over the project life.
  • Evaluation of alternate control methods and techniques to provide best design at least total cost.
  • Consideration of materials of construction and metal thickness for special processes and gasses.
  • Understanding of codes, NFPA and other special regulations that can impact system design.
  • Up to date knowledge of latest control techniques and efficiency improvements.

Conceptual design for preliminary cost estimates for new processes.KBD staff of professional engineers and designers has an average of over 15 years experience in the design of these systems including the control of toxic gasses, difficult particulates such as Aluminum and Magnesium, and compounds of Arsenic, Lead and other difficult materials:

  • Detailed design for installation by design/build contractors.
  • Alternate designs and presentation using P&ID’s and isometric drawings.
  • Detailed double line drawings in AutoCAD with all flange details and shop drawings of individual components.
  • Specifications written in AIA format or customized for project.