KBD Technic has the capability to solve the problems encountered with Industrial Ventilation Systems that:

  • Are not performing to specification.
  • Are not in balance, either at start-up or after operation.
  • Have had branch ducts added, capped or removed.
  • Have collectors, fans or other parts that have deteriorated since start-up.

KBD Technic staff, carrying certification from NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau), use a systematic approach to a solution, including:

  • As-built conditions of duct system and equipment specifications.
  • Computer generated system calculation sheets considering heat, moisture, elevation and duct static pressure.
  • Calculation of the actual system losses and operating point.
  • Measurement of existing conditions (volume, pressure, temperature, moisture).
  • Comparison of actual conditions to the calculated base point.
  • Recommendations to return the system to operating condition.

A system that is operating to specification may not meet the requirements to clean the plant air, protect workers or ventilate the process.  In those cases, KBD has the expertise to:

  • Evaluate hood design and capture of contaminants.
  • Consider air balance issues such as the amount and distribution of make-up air.
  • Consider process requirements such as mass, heat and moisture flow into the system.
  • Recommend design changes such as ductwork size, fan speed and power, or the possibility of using dampers to redistribute air to needed areas.

KBD Technic can provide complete Evaluation, Testing, Balancing and Emission Testing of your plant ventilation.  Your problems can be solved and KBD will find the answer.