EPA Compliance Testing and Emission Inventory Studies

KBD Technic has the capability to conduct emission surveys on a variety of processes and pollution abatement equipment including:

  • Surface coating operations where solvent based coatings are applied to finish surfaces
  • Finishing systems for automobile and light duty truck manufacturing and related pollution control equipment such as incineration and carbon adsorption
  • Finishing systems for painting and finishing miscellaneous metal or plastic parts and related pollution control equipment such as incineration and carbon adsorption
  • Printing presses-offset web and flexographic
  • Coil coaters
  • Combustion equipment such as boilers and incinerators
  • Permanent total enclosure verification
  • Continuous Emission Monitors (CEM’s)
  • Any process that has the potential to generate air pollutants

KBD Technic performs most USEPA testing methods for compliance and engineering evaluations of your process including but not limited to:

  • Method 1, 1A, 2, 2C, 3, 3B, 4 for air flow, temperature and moisture determination
  • Method 5, 5A, 5B, 17, 201A (PM10/PM2.5) and 202 for particulate
  • Method 6, 6C, 8 for sulfur dioxide
  • Method 7E for nitrogen oxides
  • Method 10 for carbon monoxide
  • Method 12 for lead
  • Method 25 and 25A for Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Methods 26 and 26A for hydrogen chlorides
  • Method 29 for metals
  • Method 204 A through F for VOC capture efficiency and total enclosure verification.
  • Method 306 for chromium
  • Method 308 for methanol
  • Performance Specifications for CEM’s/RATA’s

KBD staff will conduct a pre-survey of the process and abatement equipment, review your permit, prepare Compliance Test Protocol for the Agency, conduct the field survey and submit an Agency acceptable final report detailing the findings of the emission survey.